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Scientific Posters (1920 × 300 px)

Scientific Poster: Pfizer – Leveraging a CRISPR-based LAPSE Workflow to Guide Drug Targeting Strategies

Authors: Caressa Robinson1, Rubina Tuladhar1, Ana Flores-Bojorquez1, Laura Herron1, Lynn Wang2, Steve Searles2, Chris Dillon2, Jon Oyer1
1Integrated Biotechnologies; 2Translational Sciences, Oncology Research & Development, Pfizer Inc.

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Pfizer  poster image

Accelerating the Development of In Vitro Models of Chemoresistance

Presented by Anna Lane, B.S., Cell Microsystems

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Accelerating the development of in vitro models of chemoresistance

Accelerating the Use of iPSC-Derived Organoids in Drug Discovery and Personalized Medicine

Presented by Allysa Stern, Ph.D., Cell Microsystems 

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Keystone Organoids

Accelerating the Use of iPSCs in Drug Development and Personalized Medicine

Presented by Cole Peeler, M.S., Cell Microsystems

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Keystone_Stem Cell_Feb2023

Accelerating Generation of Single Cell Clones by Using a CellRaft AIR® System Coupled with Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting

Authors: Kite Pharma, a GILEAD Company, + Cell Microsystems: Sobha Thamminana, Aronpreet Atwell, Jessica Hartman, Richard Smith, and Bhargavi Rajan

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